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How does Precision Coaching's methodology differ from other companies?

It is the collective approach to coaching that makes Precision different to other companies. We firmly believe that no one coach has all the answers so we’ll pool our extensive knowledge and experience to work through.

We take a a holistic approach including input from our medical, strength and conditioning and nutrition specialists.

I’m new to Tri. In fact I’m new to endurance sport. Does this matter?

We very definitely have the capability to coach the full range of athletes. Only last year we took a young lady with almost that exact background to a successful completion of an IRONMAN in one year.

There’s nothing better than helping an athlete successfully smash their goals. Further to that, triathlon is a family and helping someone enter this sport is awesome!

What does a typical training week look like?

This is entirely up to the individual.  On our initial discussion we'll look at your goals and the time you have available so that we can make your training week as efficient as possible.  It may be that we make suggestions to increase or even decrease training to hit your goals.  This process is always ongoing as we appreciate people's lives/priorities change  constantly so your program will reflect this.


I have a pre-existing medical injury. Does that effect me?

This is not a problem at all.  For those that can get to an appointment with our medic Dr. John Allen, (London/Guildford clinic), we'll do a musculo-skeletal screen to assess any known injuries and investigate areas of weakness.

If you do have an pre-existing injury John will co-coach to ensure we can train around it and get the best result for you.

What happens if I miss training sessions and can I swap my sessions around during the week?

Missing training sessions is inevitable.  The weekly structure we put in place is designed to limit this but life will happen. Our program is designed to accommodate this over the course of the six week cycle.

Often something can come up at work or home that prevents you doing all your training.  You can contact your coach if necessary to help you make the right choice so that we continue to make the most out of your time.