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Men’s Custom Huub Anemoi Tri Suit

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Men’s Precision Race Team custom Huub Anemoi tri suit.

Team Tri Suit update

Ok, so we are able to open tri suits up for Pre-Order! YAY!

There will be another logo added to this but here is the suits and how it will look. It isn’t changing from previous years in terms of design.

What is changing is the Suit. We will be upgrading the team suit to the Anemoi+

Lead time will depend on the number of units we sell. You will have a two week window to order (so I will make sure I include payday in there)…

Here are more details on the Anemoi+

The future of the triathlon suit is changing. We noticed this very early on and have decided that the only way to create something great is to rewrite the rule book and change expectations. We knew this couldn’t be done alone, so we sought-after an ex Mercedes-AMG Petronas aerodynamic performance engineer going by the name of Dan Bigham.

Dan combines his extensive knowledge of aerodynamics to understand what makes a triathlete faster. In addition to this, he’s also an athlete himself. Dan isn’t just about data, he is also passionate about usability and function. As Dan is a national cycling champion and triathlete he has helped HUUB athletes Alistair Brownlee and David McNamee go faster, not only through positioning and equipment choices but also with the help of the ground-breaking Anemoi Aero Tri Suit. His developments and collaboration with HUUB have resulted in a truly stunning and effective product. The Anemoi Project doesn’t stop here! Yes, we have created an incredibly fast suit, but this is just the beginning of a long-running project. We will keep digging into the interesting world of cycling aerodynamics, utilising what we find to progress our development and bring faster products to you.

Key Features
Unique ‘Anemoi’ design by Dan Bigham (exclusive to HUUB).
Neoprene Trip Technology (patent pending).
Arms Neutral™️ design for swim comfort and aero efficiency.
Aero rear pocket.
Longer arms and legs for aero benefits.
Lightweight quick drying coldblack®️ fabrics.
Incredible time-saving performance.

The suit will cost £225 for Standard Huub sizing. There will also be two alteration options for those who don’t fit standard Huub Sizing.

Prices for tailoring depends on the level needed;
Bespoke sizing from start +£50, would be needed for longer legs, long arms. longer torso etc as different panels would need to be printed initially.
Reworking a stock size +£30, would be needed for shortening or tightening any areas

Looking forward to seeing you all in the bumblebee PRT blur suit!!!! The suit that you will make you faster!!!

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