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Race Report: Guildford Gauntlet HC PRT 3.2

Well, I’m at a loss for words. Terrifying, morale destroying, jaw-dropping, trauma inducing were all words used by neighbours to describe the noises coming out of the various pain caves across the globe. Shortly after the initial wails there was a cold and focused silence which eventually gave way to an increasing sense of desperation as Discord fell silent each rider left only with their own doubts bouncing around their head or in some instances filling their vision with an impenetrable darkness…. Then the first climb was done.

The seven remaining hills on this tight city-based circuit were no better mostly because the second was harder and it was a 4-lap race. The terrain had the effect of splitting the field quite early on. Happily, there was an excellent turn out so most found good groups to work with and the trusty bots at the back end of the field providing some much-needed support for some.

With a good few riders new to this format it was inevitable there would be some misunderstanding of the handicap. Consequently, there were a few DQs. The correct podium then:

  1. A. Smith 3.5wkg (A slightly higher W/kg allowed tonight due to the shorter nature and savage hills)
  2. R. Pedro 3.5wkg
  3. G. Hepner 2.7wkg

Congratulations all!

The main prize though, the Combativity Award.

Whilst there the comment was made and seconded that in fact everyone deserved it tonight. There was one that really stood out, B. Wilson. Continually bringing his group together, working hard never to let riders get away and taking time on the front before finishing in his best ever position in one of these races, this was thoroughly deserved. Well done Barry!

Next week is a point to point. Hope to see you there!