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Race Report: Reiver Raven HC

Not a long report this one. That was total attrition. The gravel felt like it was at least 8 inches deep. More of a gravel trap than a path. Consequently this was probably our longest (time) HC race to date.

Well done everyone that suffered. Even banding together didn’t really help with the watts saving considerably lower at the reduced speeds.

It was fair to say that the kms took an exceedingly long time to pass and even the final km was agonisingly slow!

The important bit then, the Combativity Award as voted for by the riders themselves:

  1. B. Lowe – Fighting back after a chain drop.
  2. A. Ferreira – Pedal stomping madness.
  3. G. Hepner – Mr. Consistent the master of attrition.
  4. S. Bellio – Team player.
  5. J. Twiddy – First RGT experience. Got isolated, kept coming back and fighting hard.
  6. K. Unsworth – Great consistency on the first lap, suffered and then pushed up the ranking again.

The Winner: K. Unsworth. Very well deserved.

The podium:

  1. A. Ferreira 3.2wkg
  2. M. Breum 3.1wkg
  3. G. Hepner 3.0wkg

Great adherence to the handicap rules tonight. Good job all!


Back to Magic Roads with a bang racing through the lanes of Wiltshire with the Charlton Cat HC

21/04/22 1900hrs



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To Wiltshire this week racing within sight of the Pewsey Vale White Horse. Riders will take in some of the savage ramps that Salisbury Plain has to offer. Plenty of opportunities for attacks and breakaways, concentration will be key.

For those that are new to the platform these races are run every Thursday night at 1900hrs. The calculation is simple:

Take your FTP/3.2 = Weight in kg that you need to change your profile to for the race PRIOR to entering the pen.

This is not perfect but it works particularly well on hills which I always include. 🙂

Be ready at any given moment for an attack.

We’ll be on the Discord Channel:


Feel free to join in, create and break alliances!

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