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RGT Handicap Race

Essential Information

When is it?

Every Thursday, 1900hrs UK time.

What is it?

The race is designed to encourage a normalisation of threshold power which then opens the race up to more tactics for EVERYONE.  We have teenagers and 80-year-olds racing alongside each other with everyone in-between.  Gladiators, veterans newbies.  It doesn’t matter come and compete on a levelled playing field.

Invite your mates to come and race.  It presents a great opportunity for established riders to encourage new riders into the mix.  Equally novices can challenge their club champion! 😉

What courses do we race on?

We utilise RGT’s Magic Road feature.  This means all courses exist in real life.  We can even mix up road and gravel if we want! Each week the course is different.  Sometimes lapped races, sometimes point to point.  There is a race report each week that will go out no later than Friday evening which have the invite for the following week attached to it as a hyperlink along with a Strava link for you to ‘recce’ the course.

How does the Handicap work?

Take your current FTP and divide it by 3.2.  The result is the weight in Kg that you need to input to your profile on RGT.  You MUST do this prior to entering the pen for it to stick.

Is this method perfect?  No.  Where courses are flatter the handicap doesn’t work as well but don’t worry we always include some good hills as we design the courses!

Do you need to pay for RGT?

NO!!! It’s FREE!!! 😀 Just sign up for a free account with RGT and then you can join the races via the link.

One thing to be aware of, in order to join the races you need to do it MANUALLY on the app i.e. it doesn’t automatically pull you into the starting pen like Zwift.  Instead exit your warm up route and then click races and join your event.

For any other technical advice on RGT and getting set up visit: www.rgtcycling.com

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Race Reports

Race Report: Reiver Raven HC

18 Nov 2022

Not a long report this one. That was total attrition. The gravel felt like it was at least 8 inches deep. More of a gravel trap than a path. Consequently


Race Report: Croyde Cacus HANDICAP PRT 3.2

25 May 2021

Race INVITE for next week below. Our race today took us to the cliff tops and coastal roads of North Devon around Croyde Bay. This course always promised to offer


Race Report: Brunel’s Bulldog HC PRT 3.2

25 May 2021

Simply some excellent efforts out there tonight. The course started off a little more friendly than in previous weeks i.e. not straight up a 20% hill. There was then 2-3min


Race Report: Guildford Gauntlet HC PRT 3.2

25 May 2021

Well, I’m at a loss for words. Terrifying, morale destroying, jaw-dropping, trauma inducing were all words used by neighbours to describe the noises coming out of the various pain caves


Race Report: Jurassic Badlands

25 May 2021

Well that was prehistoric in its barbarism… The irony being the barbarian hoards weren’t even a flicker in creation’s eye at the point at which these features were scoured onto