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Race Report: Jurassic Badlands

Well that was prehistoric in its barbarism… The irony being the barbarian hoards weren’t even a flicker in creation’s eye at the point at which these features were scoured onto the face of our planet. The badlands presented themselves in descents to sea level then soul crushing climbs back up the cliffs. Even the optimists


Race Report: Guildford Gauntlet HC PRT 3.2

Well, I’m at a loss for words. Terrifying, morale destroying, jaw-dropping, trauma inducing were all words used by neighbours to describe the noises coming out of the various pain caves across the globe. Shortly after the initial wails there was a cold and focused silence which eventually gave way to an increasing sense of desperation


Race Report: Brunel’s Bulldog HC PRT 3.2

Simply some excellent efforts out there tonight. The course started off a little more friendly than in previous weeks i.e. not straight up a 20% hill. There was then 2-3min to gather your thoughts and persuade yourself that in fact it was going to be ok. It wasn’t. The first climb took us from the


Race Report: Croyde Cacus HANDICAP PRT 3.2

Race INVITE for next week below. Our race today took us to the cliff tops and coastal roads of North Devon around Croyde Bay. This course always promised to offer something very different from previous weeks races, missing the requirement to use ropes and crampons from the start. Consequently, it was quite a civilised start.


Race Report: Reiver Raven HC

Not a long report this one. That was total attrition. The gravel felt like it was at least 8 inches deep. More of a gravel trap than a path. Consequently this was probably our longest (time) HC race to date. Well done everyone that suffered. Even banding together didn’t really help with the watts saving