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Steve Palmer - GB AG Athlete, European Middle Distance, 70.3 Worlds

I had been training for triathlons pretty seriously for about 18 months when I met Will but I had reached a performance plateau and recently been injured.  Will helped me to recover well from my injury with the help of the medical staff at Precision Coaching and build my training up while working around the injury.

Since I've been training with Will he has pushed me to levels of performance that I would not have thought possible before, constantly beating the goals I set myself  culminating with racing 70.3 IRONMAN World Championships.  I've now set my sights on Kona.

I would recommend Will and Precision Coaching to anyone but be prepared you will work hard.

Mollie Pearse - GB Age Group Middle Distance Triathlete

I have recently started my journey with Raya and the Precision Racing Team. I got the sense immediately that they have an extremely professional and experienced set up; from thorough and specific training plans through to physiological assessments to ensure you’re fit to train effectively from the outset.

I love the attention to detail that Raya has given me already, there is a clear recognition that to get the best out of athletes you must look at the entire athlete; physiology, work load, mental capabilities, sleep, nutrition and personal goals. I am so excited about working with such a great teams, to see what I can achieve.

Ben Rollinson - Ironman Athlete

Raya and PRT have been fantastic in helping me achieve my triathlon goals. Raya provides a clear and easy to use structured training programme through TrainingPeaks. I get regular feedback on my performance and efforts and her enthusiasm to help me meet my goals is a great motivation. I highly recommend Raya to anyone with triathlon ambitions!

Charlotte Houston - GB AG Athlete, European Middle Distance, 70.3 Worlds

In five months of training with Will and Precision I took over 30min off my IRONMAN 70.3 time!

I really enjoy having a structured training plan that's tailored weekly around other commitments.  Being part of the Precision Race Team has introduced me to some fantastic people and some excellent training buddies.

Alicia Wilson - British Swimming

Alice Tourell-North's expertise and all-round personal skills have really helped me over the past few years. Her strength and conditioning programme has platformed me onto an international level in swimming through becoming physically stronger and mentally resilient.

Alice is unique in that she not only composes S&C programmes that are specifically targeted for each individual, but her pastoral support- which has proven key for the demands the sport- is also incredible, and any athlete that has the privilege of working with her will discover this.

Overall, from Alice’s sessions over the last two years, I was able to surpass my goals for each season and come away with new and in-depth knowledge of such gym work, whilst also forming a close bond with her.

Gerry Frewin - Middle & Long Distance Athlete

Will and the Precision Coaching team came with the highest recommendation from HUUB Design.

I'm committed to the sport but wasn't improving and having obliterated any previous PB (single or multi-discipline) within 12 months of meeting Will and the team I can say hand on heart I'm exactly where I want to be in the sport.  Enjoying every day and each element.

Olivia Littlechild - Triathlete

Joining PRT and being coached by Raya is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only is she a great coach who challenges you at every turn and manages to squeeze performances from me that I never felt possible but she is just a great human being who understands a busy work and home life environment. I have made gains in all 3 disciplines and have massively PB’d my 70.3 time. As well as offering great coaching, the whole PRT community is very welcoming and make you feel you are part of a family. We have all become so much closer during COVID lockdown by riding and racing with each other virtually. I would recommend this team to anyone.

Nici Cahusac - GB Age Group Standard Distance Triathlete

I’ve been part of PRT since 2019 and was part of its predecessor, OneTri RDS, for a few years before that. I love the community that comes with being part of PRT. The joy of technology means that while some of us are in far flung parts of the UK (and the world), if you want to be, you can be and feel fully connected to everyone and I can genuinely say that everyone is lovely and relentlessly encouraging. We come in all stages and ages but share a love and passion to get the most out of our sport. Lockdown has meant a lot of online training, cycling and swim bands mainly, but it has consequently built a strong foundation within the community as there is the opportunity to ‘see’ each other and chat several times a week. As we head back into real life we still have the very active WhatsApp Chats for those that want that, and you can get pretty much any question answered whether it’s related to Tri or the latest movie or TV series worth watching!

Anel Meyer - GB Age Group Standard Distance Triathlete

I joined this amazing team in August 2018 and one of the best thing I have done for my training and progress. I have only formally started training for age group qualifications in 2017 and had a steep learning curve about training and competing in triathlon. This team has given me amazing helpful and like minded people to train with. Enjoying chats on group rides but also being very competitive in training rides that push you to be better. I have won my age group in qualifying races and qualified for ETU, with the hope to finally compete in the near future. It is so important to love the training and doing it with precision race team is just such a privilege for me, especially the last year being in lockdown having great online training session to look forward to.

Andrew Jones - Triathlete

Since meeting Will way back in 2015 then being introduced to and working with Raya, Alice and John i can firmly say my training has been completely transformed. I have always been used to being part of a profesional coaching setup coming into triathlon from a semi professional rugby background for over 20 years, and a county swimmer since the age of 8.

Here at Precision race team they offer the whole package. Dedicated, detailed bespoke and professional coaching plans for swim, bike and run. Access to a strength coach, nutritionist and physiotherapist all who operate at a very high level complete the overall package.

The feedback on individual training sessions is second to none and the results speak for themselves. This team has the experience to coach you through to your first super sprint triathlon right up to a word championship qualifying slot. The attitude and mindset is exemplary and no stone is left unturned in the quest to make you the best version of yourself, performing the best you can do, most importantly with a smile on your face.

The reward partners and sponsors also offer the best advice, kit and discounts in the business and we only deal with the best on the market, tested tried and proved products. Team training days are a must as the dynamic is quite simply brilliant and the adaption of late for remote sessions has been a saviour.

Wholeheartedly, I’ve not looked back since joining Precision coaching, and I’d recommend these guys to anyone.

Spencer Littlechild - Triathlete

I have only been with PRT since last July and it’s a real privilege to be trained by Raya who understands how my working and family life needs to be worked out my training plan and is happy to change my needs when necessary and that’s all you want from a coach. I have been made very welcome into the PRT family. Even throughout the covid pandemic training/webinars have been on par. Bring on 2021.

Rob Melhuish – Olympic Distance Triathlete

Will and Raya and PRT have been fantastic in helping me work towards achieving my triathlon goals during lockdown. In the first two months of training with Will, I have increased my FTP by 15% and have seen my swimming and running endurance stamina increase dramatically over the Winter. Will’s advice and assistance is invaluable with years of experience, giving me bespoke and one-to-one training on Training Peaks, Zwift meetups, RGT races and Zoom workouts during UK lockdown.

Will’s training has been supplemented by Alice Tourell-North's expertise as a BTF triathlete and PT instructor. Her triathlon focused S&C circuit classes are specifically targeted for each member using minimal equipment to build muscular endurance and stamina for triathlon racing. Also on the team is John Allen, a Team GB physio who helped me rehabilitate from an ankle injury before Christmas, allowing me to train at intensity whilst recovering from a lower limb injury.

As well as offering great coaching, the whole PRT community is very welcoming and make you feel you are part of a family. We have all become so much closer during COVID lockdown by riding and racing with each other virtually. I would recommend this team to anyone.

I cannot recommend Will, Raya and the team at Precision Coaching enough to anyone but be prepared you will work hard to make those gains!

Urszula Donigiewicz - GB Age Group Middle & Long Distance Triathlete, Ironman 70.3 Worlds

I am a medical doctor and having done some entry level triathlons I thought it would be a good idea to enter and complete an Ironman. I have now been working with Raya Hubbell for almost 3 years and have been friends with her for 4. Raya's extremely competent coaching organises my training around my working life which takes a huge amount of pressure and stress off planning. Our initial year together resulted in a qualification for IM 70.3 Worlds and a sub 11h30mins in my first Ironman (for someone who is a regular human and didn't consider herself an Age Grouper). In addition, the level of expertise and innovation in the team is pretty impressive. Alice (S&C coach) works very hard to help remotely as one does not have to be Surrey based to get the benefits of team membership. Will Usher and Raya Hubbell do their research well and only involve expert, highly recommended brands to work alongside them which does result in support and discounts to the members of PRT.

In addition to the personal benefits, Precision Race Team means one develops a huge network of like-minded friends. If you train remotely, like I do in the South West of England, you have an opportunity to meet friends at races around the world as well as benefits of training together virtually on innovative platforms. The support that friends at PRT have shown each other, especially in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic speaks volumes about the quality of leadership demonstrated by the coaches and the type of people who join this team.

If you are reading this because you are contemplating joining PRT I wouldn't hesitate as it is one of the best decisions I have made as a triathlete.

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