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The Benefits of Group Triathlon Training

Triathlon is a time heavy, physically arduous emotionally draining sport!  It’s partly why we love it, the constant challenge of trying to balance our efforts across three sports when one is normally enough for most people along with the rigours often of family life and work!

Triathlon attracts some seriously driven people as a result but even these superhumans (that’s you by the way) need some help with motivation.  This is particularly so on the cold, wet days or simply when you have that high intensity session to complete.  Doing this solo is incredibly hard, not impossible but hard.

This is where the bank account of motivation becomes relevant.  You start each season with a full balance and over the course of the year you make withdrawals.  Easy sessions on your favourite discipline don’t take much out of the account but the hard ones do.  Too many hard sessions without support results in emotional burnout which is as disastrous as its physical equivalent.  This is where group training comes in.  Many of the elite organisations and teams of the world recognise that group training is a powerful motivator.  It brings competition, support, respect even distraction.  All this reduces the amount you need to motivate yourself using energy of others but subconsciously giving energy too.

For this reason we run a number of group sessions, some online others in person.  There are two sessions that are open to all, members or not.  Our coached lane swim session and our track (run) session.  Both are enormously appropriate for all abilities and experience levels.  The focus is on quality, efficiency, mutual support and community.

Come and get involved:

Coached Group Lane Swim (Whole Pool)

Coached Group Track Session