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Coached Group Lane Swim (Whole Pool)

Coached Group Lane Swim Session

Coached Lane Swimming at Godalming Leisure Centre.

We offer Coached Lane Swimming every Friday morning 0600-0700hrs at Godalming Leisure Centre.

This session is OPEN to ALL and is an awesome community session. We have the whole pool and consequently can cater for all abilities.

The focus of the session is quality. You won’t find us doing endless metres of endurance work. We appreciate that time is limited for most people and one of the frustrations of public swimming can be a total lack of lane etiquette resulting in the much fabled ‘lane rage’. We remove all of that. The lanes are ability led and we deliver a high intensity session that is very difficult to achieve in a public session.

The majority of swimmers are local but we also attract a few from as far away as London!

After the session, many of us gather for a social coffee at the cafe in the foyer, a bit of breakfast and generally set the world to rights! It’s a great end to the week.



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