TriDot Pool School

Do you dread the swim?

Is the swim your weakest discipline?

Are you frustrated because you've plateaued and can't get faster?

TriDot Pool School is the perfect way to break out of that rut! Read on to learn what to expect from the TriDot Pool School experience.

Pool school

Here's How It Works

dry land exercises


First you'll learn dryland exercises through your TriDot Academy portal that will establish strength and muscle memory over 6 weeks prior to the Workshop.


Before you depart you'll be prompted to do a 100m test to establish a baseline.


You'll check in at your workshop on the Friday evening, be greeted by Pool School staff and coaches, and have a meal together.

Pool school


On Saturday, you'll receive in-class, on-deck, and in-pool instruction from some of the best swim instructors in the country, building your swim stroke from the ground up.


On Saturday evening, you'll socialise with fellow Pool School participants, coaches, and Pool School staff during a Happy Hour and dinner gathering. Weekend Workshops are often attended by triathlon celebrities like Michellie Jones and Mark Allen.


On Sunday, you'll be back in the water to build on what you learned on Saturday, progressing through the 12 "grades" and graduating from TriDot Pool School at noon.

Pool school
Pool school


At the end of the weekend, you'll apply what you've learned and swim a 100m test. The results are remarkable! You’ll apply what you’ve learned and swim a 100m test. The results are remarkable! Most swimmers experience a considerable shift in performance.

Average Improvement
Pace/100m % Seconds
Under 1:20 8% 6.8
1:20 to 1:39 8% 7.4
1:40 to 1:59 13% 14.0
Over 2:00 16% 23.0


After your workshop, you'll receive a personalised progress report, video footage, and a series of video lessons that reinforce what you learned and continue your stroke improvement.

Pool school

Then it's off to the races so you can apply your new stroke and start setting new swim leg PBs!

Pool School