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Triathlon is the fastest growing sport in Europe with more and more people discovering a passion for a sport that is still relatively new.

At Precision Coaching we have decades of experience coaching multi-sport, be that Triathlon, Duathlon or Aquathlon.  We have coached athletes of all levels from total beginners to elite athletes competing Commonwealth and Olympic Games as well as IRONMAN World Championships.

Our approach is individual to the athlete as this is the only way to ensure success.  No two athletes are the same and we help to analyse your priorities to make the best use of your time around work, family and friends to ensure your training is most efficient for you so that you achieve your goals within the parameters of your life.

Coaching. What it means to us.

The world of coaching is becoming a busy place, which is great, why? We could reel out a classic business school cliché, "it keeps us on our toes, striving to be better." Which by the way isn’t untrue. However for us it represents something more. We’ve been living the multi-sport lifestyle for a very long time, some of us our whole sporting lives.  The number of coaches coming into the sport for us reflects people’s ever increasing passion for the sport and community which is ingrained in us.


Team Approach

At Precision Coaching we believe that no one coach can be an absolute expert. The team is made up of coaches and specialists with immense amounts of experience, five members are able to list the Olympics in their career profile.  

We work as a team when coaching to ensure that the athlete gets the very best expertise in every aspect of their training and development.  This means that you will have a lead coach but that coach will consult with the other coaches and specialists to make the most of everyone's knowledge and get you the best result.


On a performance level we’ve worked with a whole range of athletes from absolute beginner to elite across all distances.

At an Age Group level we've coached 100s of athletes to Great Britain Age Group slots with numerous podiums along the way for both ITU and IRONMAN races.  

At the professional level a double World Champion and triple Olympian.



Experience, in our view, is the most important element of coaching. We have decades of experience between us including Olympic coaches, medical staff and medallists. Over the years we’ve worked with all sorts of athletes, with all manner of different priorities. What we have become great at is helping all athletes to achieve their goals and realise their potential within their own individual set of life parameters. This applies to elite and novice alike. There is no set pattern to life so you need to be flexible.

As athletes and coaches we have all been incredibly fortunate to work under some of the very best coaches in Europe and North America both as juniors and later as Professional or Age Group athletes. This has led to developing an entirely results or evidence based approach to our coaching and whilst undergoing more recent qualifications such as the IRONMAN Certified Coach program we do not simply go with the latest fashion.

We love our sport and we love working with individuals or teams to help them achieve their goals. Coaching is a relationship and as with all relationships takes time and work to succeed. At Precision Coaching we want to invest that time and effort in you.